we are The Compass Couple

This blog and it’s contents have been cultivated by our shared passion for experiencing the world around us and bringing adventure into our daily lives. We’ve made a promise to ourselves, each other, and now you, to never take life too seriously and to embrace each and every day we’ve been blessed with. We’re theme park connoisseurs, camping and backpacking novices, and aspiring world travelers.  We can’t pretend to be experts and honestly, we make a lot of this up as we go along, but as two of the truest Ravenclaws you’ve ever met, we thrive off of using our cleverness and creativity to solve problems. Most importantly we love learning and growing together and we can’t wait to share it all with you.


Meet BRittany

My entire life I’ve always had a gypsy soul. Staying in one place for too long just absolutely drains me. I not only embrace change, I seek it out. From the color of my hair to my zip code, I find solace in new looks and environments. And as such, adventure seems to just find me as much as I hunt for it. I’ve dreamt of traveling the world and seeing the wonders both mankind and Mother Nature have to offer. Now, with the help of Cruise, those dreams are snowballing into reality everyday. I’m so grateful that I have been handed all of these opportunities to explore the world and even more excited now that you’re tagging along for the ride!



Growing up I was raised to always value experiences over things. My parents always made sure we went on amazing family vacations even if we sometimes had to cut back on other things. Later in life I got to experience traveling the country, and sometimes the world, with my bandmates as a touring musician. For years we drove back and forth across the US playing shows, but also taking every chance we got to experience every road-side oddity and national park we could find. Now with Brittany at my side, my desire to experience the world around me has only grown stronger, and I can’t wait to show you what we are planning.