Becoming Kevin for Pixar Fest


I would like to point out that yes, I am TOTALLY copying Cruise's post, but hey I got pretty creative myself for Pixar Fest and I want to share too! But quick disclaimer, Cruise's post is far more detailed as I did not document my progress on my outfit. Anywho, Cruise and I knew we wanted to Disney Bound as Pixar Characters and I don't really know how we finally decided on Russell and Kevin for our first outfits for Pixar Fest. I think I may have been a tad bit inspired by Randomly_Riley's amazing Kevin Dress her mom made her for Dapper Day.

This idea was confirmed the moment I walked into Joann to have a browse and that fluffy, ruffly Quinceanera dress fabric jumped out at me like a Jack-in-the-Box BEGGING to be Kevin's tail feathers. I was then further inspired by the strikingly beautiful, yellowy-orangey-reddish, iridescent fabric that caught my eye in the cosplay section. This would become the actual base of the skirt. I knew then I had all of the perfect fabric I needed to construct my creation.

You should know that I had only ever made two other skirts from scratch before. One for Food & Wine Festival 2018, and one that has not yet been revealed to social media. And through making both of those I learned a lot about myself, in that I don't have a lot of patience for hemming. I would just gun it on my sewing machine and whip the fabric through like it's nobody's business. Needless to say this made for some unflattering seams. I knew I wanted Kevin to be different. I wanted to take care into making this skirt really look nice. So I took my time.

This is the tutorial I used to learn the basics of making a circle skirt. Basically one of the most simple sewing projects one can do, if you don't have any issues doing a little math. The woman in this video is super bubbly and she got to the point quickly. She didn't ramble which is what I like in a tutorial. I haven't watched any of her other videos but I found this one to be super easy to follow. So with my iridescent orange fabric I cut a circle skirt. 

The tail feathers were the tricky part. I wasn't sure how to actually pull them off the right way so I honestly just sat there and played around with the fabric in a lot of different ways until I had the shape and movement I wanted from the tail feathers. After arranging them how I wanted, I sewed the tail feathers straight onto the orange skirt before attaching the elastic waistband. I used a two inch purple band that contrasted beautifully with the orange. 

My top is a blue stretch knit fabric and I just made a pattern based off of a shirt I have that I knew fit well. When you are making simple clothes like tank-tops and skirts it's super easy to use clothes you already own as patterns. Just make sure you add a seam allowance! I finished my outfit off by attaching this gorgeous Limited Edition Kevin Spring Bloom pin for The Disney Studio Store Hollywood, onto my waistband which ended up looking like a belt buckle.

Not going to lie, my ears were TOTALLY experimental this time around and they were not as successful as I'd hoped they be. I love the style of ears I make, where the ear is clear and then stuffed with items. But for these I wanted actual characters and scenes from the movie. So to achieve this I used ShrinkyDinks. It was a lot of trial and error just to get the ShrinkDinks themselves to come out right. When they finally did, the failure was in attaching them to the inside. You can see in this photo that both the house and Dug and Russell are upside down.


I like the idea of the ShrinkyDinks a lot. I like their translucence and seeing light shine through them. When I go in to repair these I will probably attempt to attach them more securely by adding some kind of base. As to how I will achieve that I have yet to figure out. But again, trial and error. Even though the ShrinkyDinks were discombobulated I still chose to wear them around the park all day because the bow and band matched the outfit perfectly. Plus Kevin and the balloons were in good shape and they got the point across.

I genuinely love expressing my creativity through my appearance. Disney Bounding is a great creative challenge being that adults can't wear full-costume/cosplay into the parks. So I love coming up with cute outfits I can make inspired by my favorite characters. I cannot wait for you guys to see what Cruise and I have planned for our next Pixar Fest Day!