Fashion On The Trail

For pretty much the entire time we’ve been adventuring outdoors I’ve had this constant struggle with wanting to be safe and comfortable on the trail but also doing so in a way that embraces the girl inside of me that really just wants to look cute. I honestly don’t see why we can’t have both. I’ve scoured blog post after blog post, online store after online store to find clothes suitable for the great outdoors that also flatter my body and don’t make me feel like I’m wearing a parachute around my legs. Let’s face it people, I’m trying to grow a social media following here! Your girl needs to look good. But in all reality, I want to feel good and while I know loose fitting clothing has its perks, it also makes me extremely uncomfortable and honestly? I have more fun when I know I look great. So after lurking around the interwebs searching near and far, I’ve curated some of my favorite hiking staples that are both comfortable and safe as well as hella cute.

Let’s start with tops. I personally am I big fan of tank tops. I grew up in Florida and the Philosophy “Suns Out, Guns Out” rings true in my heart. Being that we’re based in SoCal for now tank tops work for me pretty much 10/12 months of the year.

My go-to at the moment is the Women's Run Singlet by C9 Champion. I own a lovely coral color and it was only 16.99! This top also comes in various colors and patterns. With 100% polyester it’s perfect for keeping you dry and cool on the trail.



If you are backpacking for a few days you may want something with wider sleeves to help keep a barrier between your shoulders and the pack. A great option for this is C9 Champions’ Women’s Sleeveless Tech T-Shirt. This one covers your whole back and more of your shoulders. This one also comes in a variety of colors so you can rock your style.

A personal fave of mine is mixing some graphic tops into the mix if you can find them in the right materials. I got this amazing Harry Potter tank also 100% Polyester and it’s one of my absolute faves to rock on the trail.



Now for bottoms, this is where things get tricky because honestly it’s close to impossible to find any hiking pants that are flattering to a lady’s curvature. I personally prefer shorts or leggings. This is where you want to be SUPER certain that whatever you are putting around your legs has little to preferably NO cotton. You want to look for synthetic materials always.

For shorts, I’m a fan of general running shorts. They usually have an inner brief for moisture wicking and the ones I have are 100% Polyester. I’m pretty certain the pair I own have been discontinued as I bought them on the clearance rack for about $5 and couldn’t find a link for them but you can find a similar pair by clicking here.

If you are day hiking or going for a quick and easy overnight trip, I recommend these FREE2B by Free Country Women’s Proactive Leggings. These leggings are amazing and I adore them. They keep you super cool on the trail and best of all? They have LARGE pockets which are extremely hard to find on leggings. They’re pretty durable, I had a hard fall on our last trip and while my knee was all kinds of beat up and bleeding, the leggings only had a very small microscopic tear in them. They’re definitely still usable but I wouldn’t take them on anything too strenuous.

Now if you’re a pretty serious hiker like we are, but you still want to look great and feel great on the trail, I HIGHLY recommend investing some extra cash and getting yourself a pair of these Women’s Hybrid Hiker Tights by The North Face. These are a mix between your average activewear leggings and super durable nylon hiking pants. They give you the best of both worlds. Show off your awesome hiking butt and stay cool, comfortable, and feel safe knowing that it’s going to take quite a bit for these bad boys to rip. Also great being that mosquitos have a much tougher time getting through nylon than they do regular old Polyester. These are definitely on the pricier side, but definitely worth the investment.

I guess that just leaves us with accessories. Now I’m not too keen on having too much of this obviously when you’re backpacking you want to keep it light as possible. So my only mention for this is my Buff. If you haven’t heard of these or don’t yet have one, seriously get with the program. Cruise has had one for a while and on our last trip I totally stole it from him and would not have survived without it. They not only keep you cool, they keep bugs away, protect you from the sun, and can be worn in so many ways that look amazing. I like to use it as a headband or wear it around my neck and when it got super buggy out it was a life-saver. I of course had to buy my own after that trip and they come in so many different colors and patterns, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your tastes.

Well that’s it my friends. All the things I love to rock on the trail to look and feel awesome while also having a great time. I hope this article was helpful to those of you who like to rough it but also like to look great doing it! I know I struggled for a while finding appropriate hiking attire that I also really wanted to wear. So get out there, keep exploring and looking great while you do it!